This October marks the first anniversary of our capital campaign—Rooted to Grow—I wanted to take a moment and give you an update on our progress. I am excited to report that our church family has given $3,075,542.00 in the past year (of the total pledged amount of nearly 7.1 million) towards this project! 


This is a great start and more than meets the requirement asked by our bank - to receive 15% of the projected construction cost received before construction begins. Thank you for your generosity and commitment to the future of Frisco First! We all look forward to seeing the construction of the new worship center, gathering space, parking and repurposing of our north building for kids ministry that are part of this massive project.


I want to update you on the progress to date. Working closely with our architects, Parkhill Smith and Cooper, we have submitted our site plan (which has been approved by the city) and completed the design process for both the new building and the remodel of our north building. Construction drawings have also been completed and submitted to MEDCO for bid.  MEDCO is the construction company selected six months ago, following a thorough bid process. As we are gathering final bids, let me ask that you pray for the teams at MEDCO and PSC---and specifically ask that the final numbers come within the budget projected.


I look forward to sharing with you an additional update on Sunday November 17th. It has been a long process, but we are nearly there—and it is going to be a beautiful building.  Thank you again for your commitment, love for the Lord and His church, and investment in the future of your church.  I am grateful to be your pastor!


Pastor Chuck